Drone Detection

Worried about drones?

DMT has radar solutions for you.

DMT has added drone detection capabilities to the following commercial radars:

  • Black Marlin (creates a dome of security for your facility)
  • XRDS (long-range scanning of drones)
  • Spearfish (even longer range scans of drones on the distant horizon to kilometers of altitude)

The radars are sold in both fixed and mobile configurations and can detect, locate, identify, and track UAVs.

DMT C-UAS Specification

Unlike other C-UAS systems on the market, DMT’s radars track the Doppler signatures of the drones rather than using the Radio Frequency.  This is what sets DMT apart from the competition.  They cannot detect autonomous or pre-programmed UAVs because the typical protocols sent from the pilot to the drone vice versa are unable to be tapped into.

More explanation can be seen in the video below:

Need more information?   Contact us at sales@dmtradar.com and supply us with specifics about your requirement and we’ll recommend the right DMT radar for your application.  We can also bundle the radar with cameras we’ve tested for drone detection applications as well.