MDR = Motion Detection Radar
Manufacturer = DMT, LLC (Detection Monitoring Technologies)
Warranty = 1 year Limited Warranty

MDR with thermal camera mounted on top

The MDR is designed for both land and seaside security. The radar does not rotate; rather, it has 3 or 4 discrete beams of energy that can be pointed in all directions. This solid-state system computes the average Doppler signatures of the environment and intruders. The Doppler signature of an intruder (person, or vessel, or vehicle) differs significantly from that of the environment. This ability to differentiate between the intruder and everything else permits the radar to remove unwanted signals for optimum performance against intruders. The radar comes with a mounting hole pattern on top for equipment (such as cameras). This radar is maintenance free for 2 years.

The table below shows the width of the beam of the radar at distances from the radar.

Range from Radar (meters) 50 100 200 500 700 1000 1200 1500
Width of Beam (meters) 6 12 24 61 86 122 147 183

The MDR comes in 3 and 4 antenna models.  The antenna positions are adjustable and a variety of shapes are available at no extra charge.

Transmitted Frequency X-Band, 9.25 GHz 
Peak Radiated Power  2 Watts
Average Power Maximum 0.2 Watts
Antenna Beamwidth
  • 4 antennas with 7 degrees x 7 degrees (azimuth x elevation)  for 4- beam  models
  • 3 antennas with 7 degrees x 7 degrees & 1 antenna with 360 degrees for  3-beam models
  • Other antenna options are available (e.g.,  29 degrees and 48 degrees).  Larger antennas with narrower beams (e.g., 3 degrees) are available for outside mounting.
Scanning The antennas are polled many times a second using electronic switching.
Scan Rate Each antenna it monitored  every 1/10 of a second or less.
Bandwidth 1-5 MHz   (selected via dip switches)
Pulse Repetition Frequency 4 kHz
Range Resolution 3-6 meters
Range Accuracy 3 meters
Range Scales Any range configuration can be set up to 10 km.   However, small objects cannot be detected  greater than 1.5 to 2 km’s away.
Detection Performance Approximately 1.5 km for small objects (like humans or kayaks).   Longer ranges for cars and boats.
  •     TCP/IP connections via RJ/45 connector.
  •     Fiber and wireless available using the DMT DCPM
  •     DMT security protocol and NMEA 0183 formats
  •     Links detections together to form numbered tracks
  •     LAT/LON coordinates provided
  •     Useful for 3rd party trackers
Operating Temperature -40 to +65 degrees C
Power Requirements
  •  24 VDC
  •  AC (autosensing 110/220 V)—requires DMT’s DCPM.
  •  Power consumed: 100 Watts
Size 29 W x 29 H inches
Weight  Radar: 75 lbs.DCPM (AC power, camera & communication module): 60 lbs.  (Includes cable weight for up to a 30 foot length).Pole Mounted Bracket: 36 lbs.
Internal Operating System Windows 7 Embedded
User Interface Operating Standard Windows Platform running Windows 7, 8, 10
User Interface Software Use DMT’s Remote Client Interface.  Also works with many available maritime interfaces

  •  Opens as a Windows standard software interface
  •  Map, drawing or aerial image/photo overlay of data
  •  Rohn 45G tower mounts
  •  Schedule 80, 8-inch pole mount
  •  Custom mounts are available, but delivery times vary
Radomes Material: NOMEX with Cardinal coatings to protect against oil, gas, solvents, saltwater, UV, and abrasion.Colors: White, Sand, Green, Gray (default)Radome is attached via stainless steel ¼-inch hardware.¼-20 threaded hole pattern on top for mounting hardware.  Weight limit is 125 lbs.
Connectors: DMT provides bayonet style connectors that feed power and all signals.

  • Weatherproof connectors
  •  RJ/45 Connector
  •  Twist-on Power and RJ/45 connector
MTBF: >4 years. 
Required Maintenance: Occasional radome cleaning.  
GPS Embedded GPS is optional.

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