DMT offers the files below to its customers and potential customers.   Do not distribute, publish, copy, or modify without written consent from DMT.   Files may change over time, so check back regularly for updates.

Radar Systems:

Black Marlin Specification-April 2018

IDAR Specification-Jan2017

MDR Specification-Dec2015

Spearfish Specification-August 2015

XRDS Specification-Dec2017

DMT C-UAS Specification – June 2018



DCPM Specification-March-2016

DCPM-1000 Datasheet – April 2018

UCM Specification-June-2016



Detections Analyzer Program Manual-Jan2016

DMT Quick Replay Program Manual-Jan2016

DMT Restful Website Rev6a-April2016

DMT Capture Image Function Rev1 July2013

DMT Image Viewer July2013


Other DMT Systems:

DMT Mobile Security Vehicles Datasheet-July-2017