DMT offers special training courses for:

  • Operators;
  • System Administrators;
  • Systems Integrators;
  • Installers.

Certification is provided at each course.   Coursework are 3 to 4.5 days in length, depending on the type of class taken.   Systems Integrators and System Administrator classes cover:

  • Radar 101 (An Introduction to Radar),
  • Cameras 101 (An Introduction ot Cameras),
  • Software,
  • Networks,
  • Maintenance and tools,
  • Repair.

Installer classes cover the above plus Installation.   For those seeking to create “train the trainer” programs, the Systems Integrator or Installer course should taken.

DMT classes are taught by the software engineers, systems engineers, and technicians at DMT.   The students not only learn the products, but who to contact when issues and problems arise.

Manuals are available that cover all radar models manufactured by DMT.   These manuals are available in printed form or as PDF documents.    Training can be customized to cover all radar systems purchased by the customer, and all relevant manuals will be supplied.

Contact for prices and schedules of DMT training.