Port Security Radar

Port Security Radars: IDAR (pictured above), MDR, Black Marlin, and XRDS

The best port security radar systems are listed below.   These are X-Band radar solutions for all-weather performance:

For up to 2 km small boat detection:

  • rotating IDAR (dimensions: 29 inches x 15 inches),
  • fixed-beam MDR (dimensions: 29 inches x 28 inches).

For 3-12 km small boat detection use the Black Marlin-25 to -1000 radar.

For 5-24 km small boat detection use the XRDS (dimensions: 42 x 26 inches).

The IDAR, MDR, Black Marlin and XRDS are Doppler radars.   These radars are the best solution when there is both land and water being covered and when weather changes frequently.   Need to detect both vessels and drones?  Then we recommend the Black Marlin and the XRDS.

DMT’s Port Security Radar with thermal cameras.