Dorado marine and security radar
Manufacturer = DMT, LLC (Detection Monitoring Technologies)
Warranty = 1 year Limited Warranty

DMT’s Dorado Radar and Vumii Claritii Camera

The Dorado is a marine radar.  It can act as a navigational aide or as a security radar.   This radar comes in four versions:

  • Dorado Lite (picture at bottom of page)
  • Dorado LP18
  • Dorado LP24
  • Dorado LP24B

Range increases from short range to long range on the list above.    The Dorado Lite is will detect a walking human to about 500 meters.  It will detect a medium size power boat up to 3.5 km.   The Dorado LP24B will detect a human up to about 3 km and medium size power boats up to 10 km.

The Dorado radar is not your ordinary marine radar.   This solid-state system uses very low power (< 1 watt) FMCW technology for high resolution for unmatched clarity.   The Dorado is DMT’s fastest spinning radar with up to 50 RPM rotation rates.   So if fast updates of wide open areas and detection of small objects are important, this radar is the solution.  The Dorado’s fast rotation rate would pick up threats (jet skis, speed boats) quickly and report its position and speed to the map display.  The radome (rigid cover) for this radar has a mounting hole pattern on top for equipment (such as cameras) to be mounted on top.  DMT has made this radar to be maintenance free for more than 2 years.  This radar is exportable.

Dorado Radar with DCPM

Transmitted Frequency

X-Band, 9.41 GHz 

Peak Radiated Power 
  • 0.2 Watts (Dorado Lite)
  • 1 Watt (Models 18 and 24)
  • 2 Watts (Model 24B)
Average Power
  • 0.2 Watts (Dorado Lite)
  • 0.2 Watts (Model 18 and 24)
  • 0.4 Watts (Model 24B)
Antenna Beamwidth 
  • Dorado Lite: 5 degrees x 25 degrees (azimuth x elevation)
  • Model 18:  5 degrees x 25 degrees (azimuth x elevation)
  • Model 24:  4 degrees x 25 degrees (azimuth x elevation)
  • Model 24B: 3 degrees x 25 degrees (azimuth x elevation)
  • Standard Configuration: continuous 360 degrees rotation
  • Optional with DMT’s Remote Monitoring Client Interface:
    • Sector Scanning (1 to 360 degrees)
    • Scripted Scanning (sets min and max range versus azimuth in 1 degree increments)
Scan Rate
  • 24 RPM
  • 50 RPM

70 MHz

Sweep Repetition Frequency

200 Hz

Range Resolution

2 meters

Range Accuracy

2 meters

Range Settings

Set minimum and maximum range to within 2 meters

Range Scales

24 settings up to 43 km

Detection Performance

Approximately 1.5 km for small objects (like humans or kayaks).   Longer ranges for cars and boats.

  • TCP/IP connections
  • (Others available using the optional DMT DCPM and DMT Remote Monitoring Software)
  •  Links detections together to form numbered tracks
  •  LAT/LON coordinates provided
  •  Useful for 3rd party trackers
Operating Temperature

-40 to +60 degrees C

Power Requirements
  • 48 VDC
  • Options: 24 VDC, AC (autosensing 110/220 V)–requires DMT’s DCPM option.
  • Dorado Lite: 29 W x 15 inches
  • Model 18:  29 W x 15H inches.
  • Model 24:  29 W x 15H inches.
  • Model 24B: 42W x 24 inches
  • Dorado Lite: 60 lbs.
  • Model 18: 75 lbs.
  • Model 24: 80 lbs.
  • Model 24B: 175 lbs.
Internal Operating System

Windows 7 Embedded

User Interface Operating

Standard Windows Platform running Windows 7, 8, 10

User Interface Software

Use DMT’s Remote Client Interface.  Also works with many available maritime interfaces.

  •  Opens as a Windows standard software interface
  •  Map, drawing or aerial image/photo overlay of data
Mounting options
  •   4 holes– ¼-20 hole pattern
  •   4- and 8-inch pole mounts
  •   ship mounts
  •   Custom mounts are available, but delivery times vary

Material: NOMEX

Colors: White (default), Sand, Green, Gray


DMT provides bayonet style connectors that feed power and all signals.

    •   DC Weather proof connector
    •   RJ/45 Connector
    •   DMT proprietary display connector

>4 years, for Dorado.  > 2 years for Dorado Lite.

Required Maintenance:

Periodic radome cleaning.   Belt check every 6 months, which requires radome removal.


Embedded GPS

Under the radome of Dorado Lite. Note there are 2 antennas — one for transmit and the other for receive.


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