Port Security System

Port Security System with DMT Radar, thermal cameras, and communication.

Ports security requires a more complex security solution than many land-based solutions.   Ports must worry about:

  • Salt-air environment, which can corrode quickly;
  • Splashing water and wave action in some cases;
  • Foul weather, including high winds;
  • Land and water perimeters and areas;
  • Constant movement of vessels in the water, people on docks, and vehicles and cranes;
  • An RF (radio-frequency) rich environment, with shipboard radars, AIS, radio, and other emitters radiating all the time.

To address all the concerns and issues, DMT offers its Port Security Bundles.    These bundles include:

  • DMT’s commercial security radar, which is maintenance-free for years;
  • Marine-rated thermal and daylight camera;
  • DCPM (DMT’s Camera and Power Module), which houses network communications and conditioned power for the radar and cameras;
  • Brackets for attaching to towers, poles or roof;
  • Unlimited-license software for monitoring all radars and cameras installed.

The DMT radar is designed for maritime environments.   The electronics and antenna are sealed in a radome.   The radome, which is the cover, is made of super strong material and is coated to protect it from UV, saltwater, solvents, oils, gasoline and many other chemicals.  The radome allows the antenna to spin in hurricane-force winds.   It is rated at more than twice the wind rating of many of DMT’s competitors.   During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, DMT radars operated even as the eye of hurricane passed over them.

DMT has a selection of cameras available.   For most ports, DMT recommends thermal cameras since they can cut through fog, smoke and work in the night and day.  DMT will recommend the right camera for each site.

DMT’s DCPM is part of the Port Security Bundle.  It houses solid-state power supplies with -40 to +90 deg C (-40 to +194 deg F) operation.   This weather-proof enclosure comes standard with a video server (to allow analog video to be transmitted over a network), a network switch, a multi-mode fiber adapter (when fiber is used).   A number of options are available.

Camera feeds can be seen on any browser.

The DMT Remote Client is included in the Port Security Bundle.  This software shows a map of the port on which tracks of vessels are plotted.  If the land surround the port is being monitored, then it will also plot tracks of people and vehicles.  Cameras are directed to the radar tracks automatically, so monitoring requires no interaction by the operator.  The software comes with an unlimited license for that facility.  So it can be installed in command centers, in the emergency responder’s facilities, on police boats and cars and more.   Guards can also monitor using their iPhones or smartphones.

All the brackets required are included to mount this on Rohn 45G towers, poles, or rooftops are included.   You can even purchase these towers or poles from DMT.

AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver to be able to track vessels with the AIS transponder.   The DMT Remote Client Software will show these vessels with a different symbol from boats without the AIS transponder.

Deter intruders with the Port Security Solution. DMT radar plus 12 million candlepower spotlight mounted next to a low-light, daytime camera.

DMT has 3 total ranges for its solutions:

  • 5-24 km for small boats,
  • 3-12 km for small boats (most common and cost effective),
  • 1-2 km for small boats.

These ranges reflect the detection and track ranges for the radar, and the recognition ranges for the cameras.

Would you like to deter intruders?   Then DMT has a few options:

  • Daylight camera with a 12 million candlepower spotlight, which is automatically pointed at the intruder;
  • Directional Speaker, which is automatically pointed at the intruder.

Check with our competitors and ask them how much maintenance is required for their products.   If they are honest, they will say their motors need regular maintenance every few months.  The magnetrons require annual or even more frequently.    DMT’s radars don’t need any.   (You may want to clean the radome off every year if birds are visiting it.)  We use maintenance free motors and solid-state transmitters.  Ask the competitors about their MTBF.   DMT radars have MBTF’s of over 4 years.   And the cameras we provide only need the occasionally lens cleaning during the 18-24 months.

DMT has tried to take the pain out of ownership of its radars.   Easy to operate and maintenance free for years.  No worry about operation in all types of weather, including hurricanes.     Need installation?  We can provide that as well.

Request pricing from sales@dmtradar.com.