May, 2018

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DMT Radar Sees Errors in Airspace

DMT’s superb use of Doppler Processing removes clutter from its radar detections, resulting in the precise identification of legitimate threats to airport security such as human intruders, unauthorized vehicles, and drones. Doppler radars – like DMT’s new Black Marlin – fire many pulses at an object for two purposes:

1. To provide a higher amount of long-term power (which increases radar range), and;

2. To precisely measure minute variations in speed (which distinguishes clutter, like trees or grass blowing in the wind, from truly mobile, actual threats).

Doppler Processing is a standard for all DMT Radar models and can easily accommodate for non-threatening airport traffic. According to lead radar manufacturer Eddie Hughes, “if you’re not interested in seeing planes on the runway, you can block out that area from your coverage, use speed filters, or use transponder tracking to eliminate them from appearing on your display as an intruder.” With each of these options available to DMT Radar, airports and airfields can easily request a highly customizable solution that filters their normal traffic from security breach.

With Doppler Processing and customization in hand, DMT Radar creates a clean approach to airspace security; trees, planes, and security vehicles are rendered invisible, while drones and other intruders shine a glaring red.