Port Security Radar

Port Security Radars: IDAR, Dorado, and Dorado Lite.

The best port security radar systems are listed below.   These are X-Band radar solutions for all-weather performance:

For 2-3 km small boat detection:

  • IDAR (dimensions: 29 inches x 15 inches),
  • Dorado (dimensions: 29 inches x 15 inches).

For 4-7 km small boat detection:

  • XRDS (dimensions: 42 x 26 inches),
  • or go to the AIMS Fast-Scan (requires export license — go to www.dmtllc.com).

For areas that are hidden or shadowed due to tall structures, for small coves, or around docks use the Dorado Lite.

The IDAR and XRDS are Doppler radar using pulse-pair (Rummler) Doppler algorithms.   These radars are the best solution when there is both land and water being covered and when weather changes frequently.

The Dorado and Dorado Lite uses FMCW technology.   These are high-resolution radars and can also be used for navigation on boats as well as security.

DMT’s Port Security Radar with thermal cameras.